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The 25 Best 4th of July Nail Colors and Trends Worth Celebrating

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Cue the red, white, and blue for 2022's coolest 4th of July nail ideas.

Did someone say red, white, and blue? We see a perfectly patriotic manicure theme coming our way for the 4th of July and beyond! Whether you want to go bold or opt for more subtle 4th of July nails that play up summer’s biggest trends, there are plenty of fun ideas to get your nails in tip-top shape. Some utilize our favorite spring nail colors, while others are all new for the big day.

“This year, 4th of July nail art and summer nail art trends are totally aligned,” according to the nail experts at Essie. “Some of the big summer color trends—including blue, metallic, and neon red—are totally fitting the American theme. Nail art decals, like stripes and stars, are [also] perfectly on trend.”

Try a patriotic twist on the classic French manicure with white tips along with red and blue, or go for a more abstract design of swirls, sparkles, or polka dots. Can’t choose? You don’t have to! “Fourth of July is a great opportunity to play with accent nails or a mix-and-match manicure,” says nail artist Juli Russell. Translation: Have a little fun and show off your unique style at your big annual barbecue, a 4th  of July getaway, or your other ideal holiday celebration.

So, put on a playlist of the best 4th of July songs or a patriotic movie to set the perfect mood, and get to it! Just make sure to use the best nail polishes, base coats, and top coats, as well as our expert-recommended tips, to make your manicure last longer.

Pop-art manicure

Since last fall, artistic nail designs have been huge, and they’re still going strong. These designs tend to be bold, abstract, and like little works of art. This particular example uses negative space and swaps out the traditional white of the Fourth’s red, white, and blue for a pale blue-gray hue. To get the look, paint half your nail with a dusty blue shade. Then add a red angled tip to the nude half, followed by a bright blue swipe on top. Allow nails to dry fully between coats.

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Star-studded blue and red mani

Sometimes the best 4th of July nail ideas are the easiest. To replicate this look, paint your pinkies with a sparkly white hue and all but two of the rest of your nails with a classic red. Paint the two remaining accent nails in a bold blue. Freehand-draw stars on the blue accent nails and cover with a high-shine top coat. You can also use nail stickers to make things even easier.

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Star-spangled nails

You don’t have to be the queen of 4th of July nail art to create exquisite designs—Dashing Diva will do the work for you with its fun new collection that lets you show off your patriotic side. “Stars and confetti-inspired designs have grown in popularity over the last two years,” says Ashley Brocco, Dashing Diva’s senior product marketing manager. That’s why the company elevated its patriotic nail offerings to include glitter and metallic accents, for designs that truly shine. And for just $8 per set of nail wraps, you can change your design to match your mood.

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Cherry bomb

Now this is what we call simply perfect. All you have to do is polish your nails with a shimmery red, and then use a nail pen to draw only the outline of stars on a few nails with white polish. Follow with a high-shine top coat. We also recommend using Pueen latex tape to help you achieve salon-level manicures with darker colors like this.

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White hot

Show off your summer tan with a clean white mani, but make sure to add a few 4th of July nail accents to give it an extra pop of fun. For this look, polish almost all your nails white, leaving one accent nail on each hand nearly bare. Allow nails to dry between coats of polish. Then draw white stars on your accent finger if you have a steady hand, or simply stick on white star stickers for a professional look in mere minutes.

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Fireworks-inspired manicure

This festive design only looks complicated. Alternate the polish on your nails with a solid base of red, white, and blue. Let dry. Then, starting from your nail tips, draw straight and squiggly lines of the contrasting colors down each nail. Follow with a top coat, and voilà—4th of July manicure perfection! If this mani reminds you that you need a place to go on Independence Day, check out this list of the best 4th of July fireworks in every state.

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Superhero nails

Move over, Captain Marvel. These all-American nails are something to behold with their red, white, and blue hues, pointy tips, and a pattern that’s reminiscent of old-school Star Trek uniforms. To try this at home, start with red nails. Then use a nail-art brush to create dark blue tips at an angle (or angles!), and play around with an opaque white to separate the two colors. You can also start with white and then draw on designs on top.

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Graphic display

There’s a lot going on here, but we’ll break it down for you. On each hand, paint one nail in an orangey red, and another in a fun shade of blue. Next, paint your pinkie in a sparkly silver. Still with us? Paint your ring-finger nail white. Allow the white polish to dry, and then draw on a design in either red or blue on the top of your nail that comes to a point in the middle of your nail; follow with the other contrasting color, from the bottom up. As for your thumb, go with the blue or the silver, depending on your preference. You can also go equally bold (or a lot simpler) for your pedicure.

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Reverse French blue mani

If you don’t want to don an over-the-top 4th of July nail design, this is an easy way to bring the cute—and the trends. French manicures have been hot for the past few seasons, and the same is true for Summer 2022. This 4th of July nail design is simultaneously understated and attention-grabbing. Polish all nails with a sheer shade or peachy pink. Once dry, add the traditional white tip, use a nail brush to paint on a thin blue line just near your cuticles, and top with an extra shiny top coat. Don’t forget to keep nails looking their best with a top-rated cuticle oil.

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“Let your flag fly” mani

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, this July 4th nail design puts your patriotism on full display. To get the look, first paint your pinkie nail with a shimmery silver polish. Then paint your thumb and two nails red, and the remaining nail in a navy blue. Once those base coats are dry, paint on stars, stripes, and anything else that makes you smile. Don’t worry that you’re overdoing the nail art on this one.

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Red, white, and swirl

“Any hot nail trends, such as abstract or swirly stripes, can be reinterpreted to include red, white, and blue shades for the holidays,” says Brocco. To get this artsy look, polish all nails except for two in alternating bright blue, white, and red—all in shimmery shades. Leave one or two accent nails for the design. Paint those nails white, and then gently polish on blue or red starting in each corner. Use a toothpick to “pull” the design until you’ve achieved the pop-art effect. Independence Day aside, here’s what your favorite nail polish color says about you.

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Watermelon mani

This 4th of July nail design is as sweet as the perfect slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. To get this look, paint all your nails with a blue shimmer polish, except for one accent nail on each hand. Paint those two remaining nails in white. Then, use a nail brush to paint red half circles; follow with white and then your original shimmery blue. Finally, dot on a few “seeds.” One important note: Make sure to let the polish fully dry between coats or you’ll end up with a mess.

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Olympics-inspired nails

This simple and elegant manicure looks like something an Olympics gymnast might proudly sport. It’s a deconstructed French mani with random white and red swirls, which are hugely popular this season. Use a sheer base and then have fun with white and red; add a blue line or swirl if you’re in the mood. Don’t worry about making it perfect—you’re going for a vibe!

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Classic red

Classic red nails never go out of style, and if you don them for the Fourth, they’ll look perfectly festive—and still work-appropriate after the holiday. They’re also incredibly easy to pull off. The main thing is to make your nail length uniform and pay special attention to your cuticles for an ultra-clean look. Then, simply add two to three coats of the juiciest shade of candy-apple red you can find.

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Subtly celebratory

If you like the idea of 4th of July nail art more than you like actual nail art, try this one. “We’ll be seeing a continuation of the ‘natural nail’ trend that’s been very popular this year,” says Russell. “Instead of a color polish, opt for a sheer, milky polish to add a ‘your-nails-but-better’ look. Then do a fun red, white, and blue pattern over top for patriotic flair.” For this look, shape your nails into a gentle oval, and polish all of them with a shiny peachy-pink color. After your nail polish has dried, add tiny pieces of foil for a dramatic look, or paint on small flowers, hearts, or stars in red, blue, and a shimmery shade. Another way to make things easy? Use press-on nails for a pro-quality manicure.

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Star of the show

This manicure is simply perfect—and perfectly simple! Start by polishing two nails on each hand in a jelly red, two nails white, and the middle finger in a deep blue. Then freehand-polish two large white stars on top of the blue nail.

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Summery swirls

Do you ever start out with a nail design and then change your mind in the middle of your mani? Embrace the chaos and make it chic with this swirl design that allows you to try a variety of trends. Between the abstract feel, a groovy ’70s vibe, the silver glitter, and the holiday colors, this mani has it all. Start off by polishing nails an opaque white. Then paint on random swirls, and use a nail tool to dot on light blue, red, and royal blue. Make sure to let nails dry between coats of polish.

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Two and two in red and blue

It doesn’t get any easier than these July 4th nails. Simply choose two of your favorite shades of blue and red, and paint two nails with red and two with blue. Alternate your thumbs. Looking for a non-toxic nail polish? We’ve got a whole list of those too.

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Red, white, and blue streamers

Here’s another design that looks a lot more complicated than it is. Take your cues from this season’s French manicure obsession and start with a sheer base coat followed with an S-shaped swirl of white. Paint in some red and blue and follow up with a top coat.

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Wonder Woman–inspired nails

This is hands down one of our absolute favorite looks for the Fourth because it’s so cohesive. To get the look, start with a clear shimmery base on every nail. Then paint your pinkie and half your ring finger blue, and your thumbs and half your pointer finger red. Fill in the blank half on each nail and your complete middle nail with shimmer and lots and lots of stars. Finish by using a top coat with stars or star-shaped stickers and a glossy top coat. Ta-da! You’re ready to take on the world!

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A whole bunch of July 4th trends

Red shimmer? Check. Bold white? We’ve got that too. How about some stars and stripes? Oh, yeah! The gang’s all here. For those seriously committed to their July 4th manicure, here’s an extra cute look. Polish all your nails on one hand white, and all nails red on the other, with the exception of a single accent nail. Draw blue shimmery stars on one accent nail, and add red stripes to the other accent. You’ll definitely want to post a pic of this design on Instagram—with the perfect 4th of July caption.

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A subtle July 4th mash-up

Yes, there is a way to try a whole bunch of 4th of July looks and still stay subtle—and this is it! Here, the sheer base coat is the star of the show, playing up the nude-nail trend and laying the foundation for actual stars, stripes, and polka dots with white, bright red, and a more muted blue. Use finely tipped nail tools to achieve the American flag–inspired nail designs.

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Popsicle nails

Who says nail art has to take hours to look amazing? This quickie manicure will give you all the July 4th vibes with minimal work. Start by polishing all nails but your accent nail with a red shimmer. Use a nude or pale white shade on your accent nail, and once dry, add a bright blue or dark blue tip and a round half moon shape in red at the base of your accent nail. You’ll end up with a cool, blended three-color look that’s reminiscent of an old-school Bomb Pop.

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Stars, swirls, and polka dots

The best 4th of July nail designs are the ones that make you smile, and it’s impossible not to smile at this clean, fresh mani that’s surprisingly simple to achieve. Start with a sheer base coat and paint a single accent nail red. Then, paint on a few swirls in white or red (dot the white ones with a deep blue), and add a few freehand (or sticker) stars.

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Royal blues

Looking for a fun nod to July 4th without a complete commitment? You got it. With this elevated summery look, every nail is polished a bright cobalt blue, while tips are angled with a soft frosty top coat. The best part is that you can’t really tell if the top coat is blue, white, or pure shimmer. Perfection! Plus, it’s appropriate for date night and business casual looks once the holiday is over.

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