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A Brief History Of The Scottish Kilt

Jun 24, 2022

Originating from high up in the Scottish Highlands, the kilt is a men’s and boy’s knee-length skirt. The kilt has been used by Scots as far back as the 16th century. This may be a little “below the belt,” but did you know the modern Scottish kilt as we know it today wasn’t actually designed by a Scotsman? Keep on reading as we unravel the history of the Scottish kilt. The Great Kilt. The 16th century saw the introduction of the kilt, but back then, it was known as The Great Kilt, ...read more

14 Best Dark Spot Correctors, According to Skin Experts

Jun 24, 2022

rd.com, via merchant (3) There’s likely little you wouldn’t do or try to fade dark spots on your skin, be it using foundation and concealer or trying unusual skin care tactics like slugging. Hyperpigmentation—also known as dark spots, age spots, or liver spots—may be caused by acne scars, excessive sun exposure, or hormonal changes. They occur when your skin revs up its production of melanin, the pigment that controls skin color. When melanin production is in overdrive, you ...read more

15 Rejected Shark Tank Pitches that Made Millions

Jun 24, 2022

We are seeing a lot of new startups these days, and all these startups with innovative ideas need an investor to back them up. Many startups in the search for investors come to Shark Tank where celebrity entrepreneurs invest in growing startups. Many lucky startups get the investment they want, but many startups walk off the stage empty-handed. Surprisingly, even after getting rejected, some startups’ TV exposure results in whopping sales afterward. Let’s take a look at 15 rejected Shark Ta ...read more

25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 272

Jun 24, 2022

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines. 1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week 1. Solar panels are set to be mandatory on all new buildings under the EU plan New proposal aims to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossils and supercharge Europe’s transition to green energy. – Source 2. Amazon shareholders vote on a resolution to require the company to address its colossal plastic problem. – Source 3. New Virginia law bans police arrest and ticket quotas. – Source 4. A Pakist ...read more

Humans Have Four Nostrils

Jun 24, 2022

“Give me a man with a good allowance of nose [. . .] when I want any good head-work done I choose a man—provided his education has been suitable—with a long nose.” —Napoleon In A Nutshell Humans actually have four nostrils—the two nostrils that we’re familiar with on the exterior and two internal nostrils, called “choanae.” Without our external and internal nostrils functioning together, we would not be able to breathe through our noses. The Whole Bushel Yes, humans have fo ...read more

Tenacious Facts About The Taurus Zodiac Sign

Jun 24, 2022

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and belongs to people born between April 20 and May 20. Generally considered to be very intelligent and grounded, it’s no surprise that Taurus follows closely after the leader Aries. This sign is governed by the planet Venus, which is strongly associated with love and passion. A bull represents Taurus, and people born under the sign are usually referred to as “Tauruses” or “Taureans.” Were you born during this time of the year? Do you want to le ...read more

Now That His Kids Are Grown, This Dad Is Giving Up His Dad Jokes

Jun 24, 2022

Once your kid stops laughing at “Why didn’t Han Solo enjoy his steak dinner? It was Chewie!” you know it’s time to move on. I still remember the first time I told my then-six-year-old son, Lev, that a clam makes calls with its “shell phone.” The laugh of recognition when he first got the joke was a moment I won’t ever forget. When I told it a second time in front of his friends Henry and Amir, I could see how proud he was that I had made his friends laugh. Excuse the bragging, b ...read more

10 Movies with the Worst Use of Physics

Jul 20, 2022

Here are 10 Movies with the Worst Use of Physics. 1. G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra (2009): In the underwater scene when Rex blows up the ice pack, ice appears to be denser than water in this situation. The ice sinks when it’s blown up, and even if there were pieces of metal on top of the ice, it shouldn’t. Some pieces the size of a five-story building have no metal and still sink. Ice floating in water isn’t just physics it is also common knowledge. 2. 2012 “Dr ...read more

Cats Weren’t Domesticated In Egypt

Jun 24, 2022

“Little one, I would like to see anyone—prophet, king or God—persuade a thousand cats to do anything at the same time.” —Neil Gaiman, Sandman No. 18 In A Nutshell For a long time, it’s been pretty well accepted that cats were first domesticated by the ancient Egyptians, who raised them to nearly god-like status. Now, however, we know that the relationship between cats and humans goes back even farther than that. Archaeological evidence has shown that cats and humans lived togethe ...read more

10 Expensive Things People Threw Away as Trash

Jun 24, 2022

Most people don’t think twice while throwing things in the garbage and sometimes end up regretting it. They have a saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it is a suitable one for the cases below. From a British man who accidentally threw a hard drive containing 7,500 bitcoins to a $1 million painting was accidentally spotted by a girl in the trash. Here are 10 expensive things people threw away as trash. 1 A first edition Harry Potter novel worth thousands of d ...read more

15 Fascinating Star Wars Facts From the Book of Boba Fett Making-of Documentary

Jun 24, 2022

Temuera Morrison with his helmet during the making of The Book of Boba Fett Screenshot: Disney+/Lucasfilm Why the hell were two episodes of The Book of Boba Fett about The Mandalorian? That’s one of many questions answered in Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, a brand new one-hour documentary recently added to Disney+ that dives into the making of the most recent Star Wars streaming show. In the documentary, producers Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni , and Robe ...read more

80 Lovely Graduation Wishes to Write in a Grad’s Card

Jun 24, 2022

For when you’re seeking something wise, encouraging, or funny to write in honor of your favorite grad. And just like that, graduation season is here! Whether it’s middle school, high school, or college—graduation is a major milestone for any graduate. They’ve come so far, and it’s worth celebrating. While you want to give them the best graduation gifts (consider these great books to give as graduation gifts ), it’s even more important to send them graduation wishes from ...read more

10 Freezingly Fascinating Facts About Ice Hockey

Jun 24, 2022

People of all ages love the fast-paced action of ice hockey. While you may already know some basics about playing the sport, you’ll be surprised at some of these weird and interesting facts about the game. Brush up on the facts below, and suggest an “ice hockey” category at your next trivia night. Hockey pucks are kept on ice. Pucks are kept frozen until they are needed in a game. A modern puck is made of rubber, and it becomes flimsy and bounces when it gets warm. Freezing the hockey ...read more

12 Eye-Opening Facts About the Beauty Industry

Jun 24, 2022

We all like to look our best, and that’s why, through tough times and good times, the beauty industry has always been a lucrative business. Furthermore, our desire to look good means we often turn a blind eye to what we’re putting on our bodies, how the products we use are made, or whether they’re all that safe. So long as they (seem to) do the job, we’re generally content. Now more than ever, though, questions are being asked. Questions like: Can moisturizers really prevent the signs o ...read more

The Most Realistic Psychopath In Movie History

Jun 24, 2022

Carson Wells: “Do you have any idea how crazy you are?” Anton Chigurh: “You mean the nature of this conversation?” Carson Wells: “I mean the nature of you.” —No Country for Old Men (2005) In A Nutshell Everybody loves a psychopath . . . as long as he’s on the movie screen. Some of cinema’s greatest villains are psychos, but just how accurate are those characters? Forensic psychiatrist Samuel Leistedt decided to find out. Leistedt spent years watching hundreds of films ...read more

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