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Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 306

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you’re picking up takeout, call the restaurant to order directly, rather than use a food ordering app. The restaurant will make more money because they won’t need to pay commissions for the app.

Apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Menulog can take a commission from the restaurant if you order through them, even if they’re not delivering it.

Order from the restaurant directly and you’ll help a small business keep more of their money and it will cost the same or even be slightly cheaper for you.

2. If an aggressive person comes in to complain about something you have no control over, take out a piece of paper and write it down.

An experience shared: ” I work at an office and we have very angry people come in every now and then, I write down every noun and repeat it back to them every couple lines with “uh-huh, okay” and they calm down because they feel like they’re being listened to and validated. It’s something I started because this old guy came in and demanded I write what he was saying down and I just haven’t stopped since. As long as they see you’re writing they’re more inclined to be nicer to you because you’re making an effort to take care of their concern.

Of course, I throw the paper out after they leave because it isn’t my job.”

3. Doing things when you don’t want to do them is a skill that you practice, so take advantage of times when you especially don’t want to do something to practice your mind.

4. When you travel, bring something that smells good but that you’ve never used before — like a new perfume or a scented candle. You can condition yourself to associate a certain smell with your vacation, and you’ll be able to viscerally remember your travels years later by smelling that scent.

5. Use your work email ONLY FOR WORK. Your IT and management has full backdoor access to your mailbox to read everything, including your deleted emails. And even an option to send emails with your address.

Source: https://www.kickassfacts.com/life-pro-tips-of-the-week-part-306/

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