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Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 305

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When your kids move out, tell them, that if they meet any hardship, they are welcome to come back at any time. It’s like an invisible security net that makes them feel more secure, knowing you have their back if something goes wrong.

2. Never send a work email when you’re emotionally compromised. Type it up, save it as a draft, and walk away. Ideally, sleep on it. You’ll make a smarter choice when not heated.

3. Please mail your key(s) in a padded envelope.

An experience shared: “Postal employee of 32 years here; I am NOT representing the USPS. I’m just a concerned citizen hoping to save someone some trouble when grandpa’s unique house key (that nobody ever bothered to make a copy of) gets eaten by the Postal system.

You know those plain white envelopes that everyone has a few of hanging around? Please don’t put a key in one and expect it to reach its destination. Ever.

Everything letter-shaped nowadays is processed by machines at approximately 30,000 pieces per hour. That’s slightly less than ten pieces per second. Those machines have belts that are strong enough to withstand one heck of a jam-up. They will accelerate your key straight out when the envelope stops in a sortation bin, no questions asked. Oh, and they make quite a mess while at it.

Writing “process by hand” doesn’t help, unfortunately. We legit don’t have the staffing to fish your individual letter out of the pile. In fact, the vast majority of letters are never touched by human hands or seen at all until they are delivered.

I hope this helps.”

4. A wet oven mitt is no longer an oven mitt.

Water transfers heat a lot faster than dry fabric. If you ever get an oven mitt wet, don’t use it to pull anything out of the oven unless you want the heat transferred directly to your hand.

Thankfully this trick has saved me from any nasty burns.

5. If you’re cleaning broken glass from the floor, dim the lights and hold a torch parallel to the floor to illuminate small shards you may have missed.

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