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Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 304

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you live by the Mexican border, photograph your most valuable items as federal agents can now legally search your house without a warrant.

The Supreme Court handed down a decision in Egbert v. Boule on Wednesday which effectively gives B order Patrol agents who violate the Constitution total immunity from lawsuits seeking to hold them accountable.

2. When you’re leaving for a trip, plan to be packed and ready an hour before you need to leave, then spend that hour tidying up your house. This serves three purposes.

  1. If something goes wrong you can be delayed an hour and still leave on time.
  2. You’ll get to return to a tidy house.
  3. By walking around your house and thinking about something else, you’ll have a much better chance of suddenly remembering something you forgot to pack.

3. If you are asked to create an account in order to continue browsing a website hit F12 and click on the dim area, this would select it and you can delete it with the DEL key, hit F12 again, and resume your browsing.

4. When you realize you’re wrong, switch to the right belief as fast as possible. The human brain will forget you were wrong and the painful feeling of being wrong will be much shorter.

The human brain doesn’t like being wrong. In fact, it actively tries to avoid it as much as possible because it hurts. In studies, 70-80% of people when presented with evidence that they were wrong, decided to double-down!

We do this to avoid pain, but the reality is that it only prolongs it. Instead, if you find yourself arguing a point with someone, step back and honestly ask yourself if you’re wrong. This is a skill, so it can take some time to start doing reliably. If you find you’re wrong, admit it. The faster you switch from wrong to right, the faster the pain goes away. And your brain will “forget” you were ever wrong.

Besides getting through the pain of being wrong faster, this will make you wiser (challenging and removing bad beliefs) and will often lead to people respecting you more.

More info:

Belief perseverance: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belief_perseverance

Also, I recommend a book called “Being Wrong”.

5. Talk to Disabled People the same way you speak to anyone else.

Source: https://www.kickassfacts.com/life-pro-tips-of-the-week-part-304/