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50 Interesting Facts About The Electromagnetic Spectrum

May 31, 2022

1 Visible Light Human only perceives 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum with our eyes. This 0.0035% is known as visible light and comprises everything the human eye alone can detect in the universe. The range of visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum is so small that if you were to lay out the practical electromagnetic spectrum from Los Angeles to New York, the visible wavelengths would be nanometres across, small enough to pass through a surgical mask. 2. ...read more

25 Kickass Random Facts List #747

May 31, 2022

Here are 25 kickass random facts. For part 746, click here 1-5 Kickass Random Fact 1. The North American Gray Squirrel is considered an invasive species in Britain as the squirrels carry a squirrel pox that is deadly for the Red Squirrels native to Britain. The Gray Squirrel also eats seven times as much food as the Red Squirrels, crowding out any who survive the squirrel pox. – Source 2. Harambe’s mother, only full brother, and two of his half-siblings were killed when a tub of wet ...read more

15 Midwest Vacation Spots to Visit at Least Once

May 31, 2022

kathleencarney/Getty Images Vacations with Midwestern charm From national parks to the Great Lakes, iconic cities like Detroit and Chicago to historic small towns, the places you travel to for great food (and beer) to those you visit to get away from it all, the Midwest is a varied and beautiful place. While it’s often overlooked as a “flyover” region as travelers head to West or East Coast vacations, this area is home to some amazing hidden Midwest vacation spots that are ju ...read more

Is Genuine Multiple Personality Disorder as Depicted in Movies Actually a Thing or a Hollywood Invention?

May 31, 2022

Looking back at the long and storied history of literature, film, and other narrative art forms, one trend becomes abundantly clear: writers love mental illness. From depression to bipolar disorder to schizophrenia, psychiatric disorders have been used by artists for hundreds of years to heighten drama, make heroes more heroic, villains more villainous, and allow actors to flex their acting chops – sometimes with unfortunate real-world implications. But few disorders have captured the imagi ...read more

Canada’s Extremely Bizarre Engineering Rituals and the Fascinating Way They Came to Be

May 31, 2022

“I, Simon Whistler, in the presence of these my betters and my equals in my Calling, bind myself upon my Honour and Cold Iron, that, of the best of my knowledge and power, I will not henceforward suffer or pass, or be privy to the passing of, Bad Workmanship or Faulty Material in aught that concerns my works before mankind as an engineer, or in my dealings with my own Soul before my Maker.” Thus begins the Obligation of the Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer. With these words, Canadian ...read more

What Does TTYL Mean?

May 31, 2022

You’ve probably read it in a text or seen it online, but what does it mean, and how is it used? In today’s digital world, the number of text abbreviations seems to be growing endlessly. Here’s one you might have seen: TTYL. Maybe you got it in a text, or you read it online somewhere—but what does TTYL mean?  Along with ICYMI and FWIW , there are countless common acronyms used in text messaging that aren’t always intuitive. But don’t worry, we’ve gotten to th ...read more

I Tried Carbona Pro Care Laundry Stain Scrubber—And It Even Got Gross Blood Stains Out

May 31, 2022

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication. One bottle of Carbona Pro Care and a few minutes of my time was enough to make chocolate, mud, and even blood stains lift with ease. I’ve been on the hunt for the best stain removers since I became a mom years ago, but by the time I had my fifth child (and s ...read more

50 Creepy Facts About Mummies You Didn’t Know

May 30, 2022

1 Egyptian Nobelwomen Mummies According to Greek historian Herodotus' book "The Histories," the bodies of noblewomen in ancient Egypt would be delivered to embalmers three to four days after their death so that they would not find the corpse enticing. 2. When the mummy of Pharaoh Ramesses II needed to be moved to Paris for restoration, it was issued an Egyptian passport that listed his occupation as "King (deceased)." The mummy was received with the full military honors ...read more

What Is White Replacement Theory—and How Is It Fueling Racist Attacks?

May 30, 2022

Another mass murder targeting minorities thrust "White Replacement Theory" into the American consciousness. Here, we explain this racist ideology—and why it's so dangerous. The Reader’s Digest Version: White Replacement Theory holds that minorities are overtaking a country’s White majority and destroying White culture. It often leads to violence, including the May 2022 mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, that killed 10 people. Once a fringe theory, White Replacement Theory has gone ma ...read more

12 Best Reusable Straws That Are Better for the Earth

May 29, 2022

MirageC/Getty Images Sips and sustainability Plastic straws have become a real problem for the environment, filling up landfills and polluting oceans, where they kill marine life and release chemicals that are also toxic to people. It’s time to give up single-use plastics. Fortunately, as companies go green, putting their focus on products geared toward sustainable living, there are more options than ever for great reusable straws. Not only will they help save the planet, but like ...read more