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5 Things You Should Know – Part 460

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Harvard offers a free certificate for its Intro to Computer Science Programming.

Harvard is one of the world’s top universities. But it’s very expensive and selective. So very few people get to enjoy the education they offer.

However, they’ve made CS50, Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, available online for free. And upon completion, you even get a free certificate from Harvard.

The professor is super engaging. The lectures are recorded annually, so the curriculum is always up to date. And it’s very interactive, with weekly assignments that you complete through an in-browser code editor.

To top it all off, once you complete the course, you get a free certificate of completion from Harvard. Very few online courses offer free certificates nowadays, especially from top universities.

You can take the course for free on Harvard OpenCourseWare:


(Note that you can also take it through edX, but there, the certificate costs $150. On Harvard OpenCourseWare, the course is exactly the same, but the certificate is entirely free.)

I hope this help.

2. Pepper spray is a better self-defense tool than tasers.

For starters, it can be sprayed from a distance (just watch out for wind!) Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that attacks the central nervous system. Pepper spray causes involuntary eye closure (temporary blindness), tearing, restricted breathing, coughing, choking, and a strong burning sensation that can last between 30 to 45 minutes before dissipating. The beauty of pepper spray is its effects are immediately due to its inflammatory properties. Pepper spray provides protection from up to 25 feet away. As a rule of thumb and self-defense industry standard, other pepper sprays and OC sprays generally offer an 8-12 feet range for small units.

Tasers on the other hand are shockingly effective and you can neutralize a threat from up to 15 feet away. The effects last up to 30 seconds which gives you some time to get away. A good quality taser can be more than $100.

Although tasers are a well-known self-defense tool, it pales in comparison to it’s chemical agent counterpart. The high price tag, necessary precision, limited penetration ability, and restrictions by the state don’t make it the best option. You can purchase a $10 taser off amazon, but all those other drawbacks still apply.

Pepper spray can stop a threat up to the same distance (15 feet) and even further. One of the best features is that it can immobilize an attacker for up to 45 minutes (much longer than a 30-second ride). Along with that, it is legal in all 50 states, they are affordable and easy to use. Just be wary on windy days!

So really, it’s a no-brainer. When it comes to self-defense products, pepper spray is on top. If you are looking for the best brand, DPS pepper spray is the way to go.

3. There is a version of Windows 10 that comes without any ads, bloatware, or spyware. It’s called Windows 10 LTSC.

The full name is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel). It’s a variant of the Enterprise edition and is the Windows 10 equivalent of Windows 7 Ultimate.

LTSC is:

• clean (no pre-installed non-removable junk “apps” and no ads),

• resource efficient (no Cortana and other background processes) and

• stable (no feature updates to break your computer – just security and bug fixes for 10 years).

It’s not actively advertised, Microsoft tries rather hard to make sure people don’t use it and Windows 10 fans will barrage you with marketing talking points about how awful and useless it is.

The business practices of windows as of lately are extremely anti-consumer (and many other companies too). Nobody should be forced to use an inferior product with bloatware you never asked for.

4. Wild Elephants and other large herbivores like Sambar deer are not gentle giants, they are wild animals that wouldn’t hesitate to kill you if their space is invaded.

Many tourists who come to Sri Lanka and other Asian countries seem to think that elephants are gentle giants. They are not, they would not hesitate to defend themselves if you move to their personal space.

Sincerely, a local Sri Lankan girl who almost got killed saving three American tourists from getting gored.

If you see a wild elephant blocking the road, pull over to the side, at least 30 m away from the elephant, turn off your engine and then wait. DO NOT drive your rickety old Bajaj three-wheeler all the way to the elephant, get down and then try to take photos with it.

Basically, if the animal is wild, give it space, don’t go too close, don’t make too much noise, and don’t attempt to feed it.

Check these videos below:



Nandimitra attacks Safari jeep inside Yala – YouTube

Elephant herd gather to pay final respects to dead leader – YouTube

5. You can cancel and resume Netflix and other subscription services at any time.

Unless subscription services offer discounts when paying yearly (Disney+), you can actually save money by paying for your usage (paying for one month and canceling straight away, when the month ends, you’ll know if you want to resume or keep it canceled). For example, now that Stranger Things 4 has dropped, you can resubscribe, watch it alongside something else and cancel for the next month, until they release the next part.

This was Netflix’s original motto: “Cancel anytime, no commitments”, but people seem to have forgotten it. If the content is not right for you, cancel, if you’re busy and can’t see anything, cancel; resume if at any point you’re interested again.

Source: https://www.kickassfacts.com/5-things-you-should-know-part-460/

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