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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 274

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines.

1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

1. Some restaurants are abandoning tipping in favor of paying their staff higher wages. – Source

2. A cancer trial’s unexpected result: remission in every patient. – Source

3. Japanese man, 83, becomes the oldest person to sail solo non-stop across the Pacific. – Source

4. Kerala lesbian couple, separated by parents, reunited by the high court. – Source

5. Women finds $36K in couch acquired in Craigslist, returns money to the owner. – Source

6-10 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

6. Wind power meets and beats Denmark’s total electricity demand – two days in a row | RenewEconomy. – Source

7. After 3 months and 150 miles lost in the Alaskan winter sled dog Leon was found safe in McGrath—Now reunited with their pack. – Source

8. Transformative year: Black coaches now lead 50 percent of NBA teams. – Source

9. Tokyo Metro announces the first fare increase in 28 years, with proceeds specifically allotted to improving accessibility. – Source

10. ‘Operation Lost Souls’ saves 70 missing children, many of them victims of sex trafficking, abuse. – Source

11-15 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

11. Bangladeshi coastal communities plant mangroves as a shield against cyclones. – Source

12. Water treatment plants would be ready for the removal of nanoplastics. Both in laboratory tests and in a larger test facility, the biologically active slow sand filter was the most effective at retaining nanoparticles – achieving an efficacy level in the region of 99.9%. – Source

13. Spain proposes a law to ban automated customer service and limit waiting times to 3 minutes max. – Source

14. Microsoft says it will support employees who want to unionize. – Source

15. Solar and wind keep getting cheaper as the field becomes smarter. – Source




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