21 Best Gifts for Writers

Lap Laptop Desk via merchant

For working from home: Lap Laptop Desk

Whether they write from a comfortable living room sofa, a favorite recliner or even bed—this affordable lap laptop desk is one of the best gifts for writers of all types. It makes working from home more comfortable than ever thanks to an anti-slip strip and space for phones, pens and even a mouse. The affordable price point and versatility makes it one of the best white elephant gifts, too.

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Misby Coffee Warmer via merchant

For words fueled by coffee: Misby Coffee Warmer

This nifty  Misby coffee warmer is one of the best gifts for writers who view coffee as jet fuel. It’s a USB-powered device that saves them time, energy and money by keeping their brew piping hot as they write. It’s cheap, powerful and comes in five popular colors. We think it’s also one of most thoughtful gifts for brothers and sisters prone to long hours by the computer.

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Rd Ecomm Levenger True Writer Classic Pen Via Levenger.com via merchant

For hand-written notes: Levenger True Writer Classic Pen

Writers universally love high-quality pens that glide with velvety-soft movement. This Levenger True Writer Classic pen is a bright, polished pick they’ll reach for over and over again. Refillable ballpoint and rollerball options, personalization and a variety of color options make it a customizable piece they won’t soon forget. It makes one of the most exciting gifts for boyfriends known to write love letters and charming notes, too.

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Globe Electric Belmont Desk Lamp via merchant

For stylish home offices: Globe Electric Belmont Desk Lamp

Antiqued brass accents make this modern-looking Globe Electric desk lamp a balanced design piece that works in every home office. Available in six neutral finishes ranging from matte black to soft white, each lamp features useful USB charging ports and focused light that’s perfect for writing. It also works on small side tables next to the best coffee table books.

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Erin Condren Harmony Sticky Note Ball via merchant

Best under $15: Erin Condren Harmony Sticky Note Ball

There’s no need to spend all your cash on the the most useful gifts for writers, because this brilliant Erin Condren sticky note ball is only about $13. It features 12 sticky note pads with a total of 300 pieces, all presented in a fun display that feels and looks more like a trophy than a place to jot down ideas. This fun idea is also one of the best gifts for Grandma to scribble down ideas, recipes and reminders.

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Peace Loves World Bookends via merchant

For bookworms: Peace Love World Bookends

Bookworms will happily display these uplifting Peace Love World bookends that proudly proclaim your love. The clean white look works well with all sorts of interior design schemes. They neatly hold the latest scores from book subscription boxes, vintage magazines and their collection of the best biographies ever written.

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De'Longhi 15-Bar Espresso Machine via merchant

For coffee shop fans: De’Longhi 15-Bar Espresso Machine

They can forget loitering at the coffee shop all day, because this De’Longhi espresso machine is the best investment anyone can ever make in their work. It delivers authentic espresso drinks, including frothy cappuccinos, quickly and easily. The best part? It’s one of the most affordable models on the market and has a cult-like following. They’ll never overspend on coffee shop drinks again, which makes this one of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

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Wax Buffalo Into The Woods Candle via merchant

For the one who needs an escape: Wax Buffalo Into The Woods Candle

If they could use a magical writing retreat flush with woodsy cabin vibes and minimal city noise, this Wax Buffalo candle is for them. It’s one of the best scented candles to instantly transport them to a forest of ancient cedars and moss-covered logs.

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Ban.do 17-Month Academic Planner via merchant

For writing students: Ban.do 17-Month Medium Planner

Budding novelists and poets alike will revel in the colorful pages of this Ban.do 17-month planner. The “It’s all out there waiting,” messaging offers much-needed positivity on the days when writer’s block sets in. It’s meant for students, but also makes a terrific gift for teens in general.

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Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow via merchant

For digital nomads: Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow

On-the-go writers will wonder how they ever lived without the smart, lightweight Cabeau Evolution travel neck pillow. Available in four neutral colors, this pillow stands out from the pack thanks to genius straps that attach to plane and car seats in just seconds. They prevent slouching and falling forward, because an aligned head and spine means better sleep and improved creativity.

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LensDirect Franklin Blue Light Glasses via merchant

For anyone staring at a screen: LensDirect Franklin Blue Light Glasses

Those staring at screens all day will be grateful for these stylish LensDirect Franklin frames. They help filter out the disruptive blue light that computers, smart phones and televisions are known to emit. Choose from blue light-blocking only, or add a prescription. Either way, these cheap frames are one of the most useful gifts for writers.

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Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Waterproof Speaker via merchant

For music lovers: Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Waterproof Speaker

The easy-to-use  Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker is one of the best tech gifts to grace this list, especially for music lovers. It takes just seconds to set up, and goes anywhere the writers on your list does. Its small footprint is ideal for desks and living room shelves, while the waterproof encasement makes it a brilliant choice for writing by the beach or lake.

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Custom Book Necklace via merchant

For authors: Custom Book Necklace

Whether they’ve written their own books or just admire the works of others, these custom book necklaces make the most charming gifts for authors. Choose any book that your heart desires and turn it into a beautiful charm necklace on an 18-inch chain. It’s an incredibly creative way to celebrate books written by female authors.

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Cozen Matcha Maker Starter Kit via merchant

For tea drinkers: Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit

Upgrade their typical tea bags with this elegant Cuzen matcha maker starter kit. It’s a gorgeous countertop device that whips up the most flavorful, tea shop-style matcha drinks they could ever dream of. Easy-to-use features and an architecturally pleasing design makes it one of the most wonderful gifts for tea lovers.

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Fingerless Gloves via merchant

For outdoorsy types: Satinior Fingerless Gloves

If they’re known to take their work outside, a pair of fingerless gloves is one of the essential gifts for writers. These soft, stretchy gloves leave just enough fingertip exposure to keep them typing swiftly without feeling too cold.

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Krinkle Squeak Newspaper Dog Toy via merchant

For dog parents: Krinkle Squeak Newspaper Dog Toy

Extra! Extra! Read all about this adorable Krinkle Squeak newspaper dog toy, of the best gifts for writers with pups at home. This idea does double-duty because it keeps Fido happy and saves the human newspaper from destruction.

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Levoit Air Purifier via merchant

For healthier work environments: Levoit Air Purifier

This handy Levoit air purifier features true HEPA filter action that keeps allergies, pet dander and germs at bay in one compact device. It’s ideal for home use or in an enclosed office space, and runs quietly with minimal effort. It also quickly clears odors, smoky smells and pollen so they can focus on penning masterpieces instead of sneezing.

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SideTrak Swivel Monitor via merchant

For newsroom writers: SideTrak Swivel Monitor

The fast-paced workflow of newsroom writers means multiple open tabs, windows and even devices. The clever  SideTrak attachable monitor acts as a bonus portable monitor for laptops. It’s powered by USB, turning even the most ordinary laptops into dual-screen wonders to pump out the most glorious real-time content.

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Dragon Glassware Diamond Glasses via merchant

For Hemingway fans: Dragon Glassware Diamond Glasses

These elegant Dragon Glassware diamond-shaped cocktail glasses are the perfect gift for writers inspired by Hemingway’s works. The literary great was known to love a bit of scotch with a dash of soda. The classic mix shows up in his works more than any other—even his famed champagne mixes.

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Popsockets iPhone 14 Plus for MagSafe Case via merchant

For new iPhone users: PopSockets iPhone 14 MagSafe Case

The new lineup of iPhone 14 models are overflowing with features designed to impress content creators of all types. If they already scored a new phone, this colorful PopSockets iPhone 14 case will blow them away. It’s an all-in-one protector, stand, grip and is MagSafe charger-compatible.

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Rose Gold Desk Organizer via merchant

For tidy types: Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Neat and tidy types will get a kick out of this glammed-up rose gold desk organizer. It offers enough space for important notes, desk accessories, pens and pencils without taking up much room at all. It’s cheap, cheerful and even rust-resistant. The splash of pink-hued metal also makes it a winning gift for a sister-in-law.

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Originally Published: November 11, 2022